Deerwalk American Learning Institute

The Deerwalk American Learning Institute (DALI) is an education subsidiary of Deerhold. DALI provides an online learning platform that connects schools around the world to a select network of teachers.


DALI’s mission is to partner with teachers and schools around the world to positively impact the global education system.

At public and private learning institutions where English is a foreign language, students often do not have the opportunity to learn English from native English speakers, in spite of the high and growing demand. DALI meets this demand by connecting schools around the world with native English-speaking teachers from the U.S.

DALI’s mission to cultivate a global network of institutes of learning will also benefit American students, who could receive complementary instruction from leading international teachers in subjects such as science and mathematics. Given the advantage of time zone differences, instruction could easily take place before or after the standard American school day.


DALI instructors collaborate with schools to offer group classes, rather than private tutoring programs. Not only can more than one student benefit this way, but learning as a group is also highly effective at reinforcing language development. More advanced learners can solidify their knowledge by helping less advanced learners, as the additional interactions, questions, and information from other students in the group enriches the learning experience.

  • Class size: 4-8 students
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Frequency: 1-2 classes per week per group
  • Format: Live video sessions
  • Facility: Quiet room with strong bandwidth and large television with good audio-visual system
  • Teacher's desk: Any quiet area with strong internet connection and tablet or PC with camera


DALI provides instructors with transparency of the revenues collected from each and every lecture.